The new clean #makeupbrushes

Move over rubber glove. Sigma Beauty has a new gadget thats made cleaning our beloved tools a little more... um fun?

Who doesn't love smarter, faster, newer, better? Right.

This little gem has cut cleaning time down to a 1/3 and efficiency by two fold. Firstly, you only need one hand to clean with. Hello I felt like popping a champagne in the other! Welcome multiple brush cleansing, goodbye solo monotony. Finally hooray, no more quadruple rinsing the 'big guns (duo fibre, blush and bronzer brushes etc) after "what the" foam?? comes squelching out when you give them a little squeeze with the towel to speed up the drying process before their final stage 'sun bathing'.

In fact it's been so efficient i've almost completely needed to stop using Sard's wonder soap as my back up for those stubborn foundation brush stains.

A few steps still apply. Use a good quality dish soap such as Morning fresh. Wash and rinse brushes in luke warm water and as hot will set strong colours and cold.. well it's cold isn't it ;0

To see this puppy in action click visit the Simga spa brush cleaning mat link