M.A.C PRO Master class seminar Autumn/Winter 2014

  June 17th, 2014

M.A.C PRO Master class seminar Autumn/Winter 2014

      “This season, Beauty champions the individual”


Missed out on a spot at the highly sort after quick sell-out biannual MAC seminar last week in Sydney? Ladies, dry your eye’s, here’s a quick recap on what’s now trending the runways and soon your makeup kit!!

Masking and morphing feels irrelevant this season; a quiet alchemy of product and technique that nonchalantly amplifies what is unique in the face is the new stealth wealth of makeup. “The new luxury is in the individuality” confirms Gorden Espinet

A/W top 4's of 2014

Off colour: 'subverts classic tones with a dirty edge to become the new neutral'. Enhance what's naturally  there. Blur edges & bring back your 90's colour palate. Terracotta’s, brown based reds, woody pinks,  vibrant reds & brown lipsticks over the top in centre and buffed.

Streamlined: 'eyes have a gestural quality to them that widens the eye'. Imagine vibrant blue or yellow  lines underlining the brows. Soft washes of taupe’s on the eyes and lips or the ‘half Smokey eye’ with  pigment only outer half and clumpy eyelashes using tweezers to squeeze together lashes.

On reflection: 'explores how shine is the most crystallised direction of the season'                              Skincare, skincare, skincare - big impact in the effect you get with skin finish 'Shiny highlighting'            Taupe lipsticks on lips and eyes, with gloss ‘texture’ over top on the eyes.                                            Metallic’s, a big hit. Shine and lots of gold leaf.

Unprocessed: 'makeup employs the skin's own shades to embrace authenticity in every form'.             Heavily skincare focused. Heavy brows. White inner rim liner on the eyes. Clean, simple & bare faced.

 "Needs to look free. Like they have done it themselves. If it looks like you have been there an hour take it off and do it again. Make sure it doesn't look too manufactured" - Nicole Thompson

Hot new M.A.C must haves as used and loved by senior M.A.C cosmetics artist - Nicole Thompson

  • Softening lotion: looks sheeny not greasy

  • Care blends oils: softens gloss with a sheen finish

  • Prep and prime skin smoother in compact

  • CCB pearl: highlight cheekbones & lips with then clear lip conditioner over top.

  • 'Copper sparkle' loose pigment: metallic love.

  • Eyeliner mixing medium: makes products more shiny & waterproof

  • CCB 'pink shock': the great all purpose - eyes, lips & cheeks.

  • Complete comfort cream: super hydrating.